ListenerGS version 1.0 released

Rand-Emonium has released version 1.0 of ListenerGS. ListenerGS allows you to use a modern iOS, iPadOS or macOS device with your network capable Apple IIGS and perform speech to text within desktop applications on your GS. As you speak to the modern device, keystrokes are generated on the GS to insert the corresponding text. This video shows ListenerGS in action:

ListenerGS was my KansasFest 2021 HackFest entry. In the months since KansasFest, I have cleaned up the appropriately hacky code into something that was able to pass Apple’s review for their App Stores. Along with help from some great beta testers who found several bugs, I am proud to make version 1.0 available to everyone.

More information about ListenerGS.

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