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I don’t think I will post a video this week since visually, there isn’t too much new to see.  And there is a pretty good build out there so if you want to see what it looks like, give it shot.  Of course, the big effort this week was to fix the mysterious crashing bug I had and thanks to the support here, I believe it is addressed.  I have started work on two player support since then.  When you use ‘2’ to start a game now, two players are initialized and internally there is a playerNum value which tracks which of the two players is playing.  If I force that value to be set to player 2 at the beginning of the game, I can play through a game as “player 2” and the right score and lives counters are now updated.  But this work isn’t done.  I actually have to implement the code to swap back and forth between the two players, prompting whose turn it is, handle the case where one player dies quickly while the other player perhaps has multiple extra lives and continues to play for a while after the other is done.

Work is threatening to get much more busy so I am considering deferring the online high score list for a follow-up v1.1 or v2.0 release and declare v1.0 without that feature.  I worry that I will end up distracted and not able to finish if I don’t focus on achieving v1.0.  Once that is done, if work doesn’t distract too much, I can try to implement the online high scores and my daughter has offered to do the server side work and that is good experience for her.

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Changes – none since last status update

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