Weekly BuGS Update

BuGS is not silent any longer although sometimes you might wish it was.  There is sound now when you fire, when you die, when you kill a bug and when the mushrooms are refreshed after you die.  There still needs to be sound added for the background “beat” which plays during the game, the spider, flea and scorpion sound and the “extra life” sound.  I have the sounds for the “beat”, spider and flea but I am not playing them yet.  I am still looking for a source of the scorpion and extra life sound.  The big problem I have is with stopping/starting sounds.  I am using FFStartPlaying to trigger sounds that I have already loaded into DOC RAM but there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop them from playing.  As per @fatdog‘s recommendation, I am using 5 generators for the fire sound and when there are many shots in close succession, I use a different generator.  But that just leads to multiple sounds overlapping in time and it sounds pretty bad.  If I use FFStopSound seems to unload the sound.  I tried to change the volume of the sound to “turn off” the previous shot but it seems you cannot change the volume while the sound is playing, at least at this level.

So, I am coming to grips with the need for going around the sound toolbox routines and hitting the ensoniq registers myself to do what I need.  That is probably where I need to go next.

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