Special Not Weekly BuGS Update

I am jumping the gun on the weekly update and issuing an update in the middle of the week because I have a game that works more or less. There is no sound and some weird issues to figure out. But I have been playing actual games tonight and it is kind of working. It is hard and seems harder than the original. Part of that I think is because the play field is 25×25 tiles on my version but is 30×30 on the real game. Makes everything cross the screen that much faster. But this is a major milestone in the development of the game.

I forgot to reduce my speed to 2.8MHz for the screen recording.  This was recorded at 8MHz in GSPlus but I have played games at 2.8MHz and it worked fine.  I tried to boot up my real GS and play it on there but my CFFA 3000 is acting up for some reason.  I think maybe my CF is bad.  Not sure yet but I am eager to get the machine working again and try it on real HW.

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