A2GSBuildPipeline version 2.0 released

Rand-Emonium Software has released version 2.0 of the Apple //gs build pipeline for Xcode.  The headline features of this release are a complete set of ORCA/M templates, a significantly improved ORCA/C desktop template and support for Merlin32 based projects also.

The full set of improvements in version 2.0 include:

  • ORCA/M project templates for all CDAs, CDEVs, desktop applications and NDAs.
  • Support for Merlin32 and project templates for CDAs, CDEVs, desktop applications and NDAs in Merlin. Note you still need the ORCA tools and GoldenGate because the resource compiler and ProFuse is still used with Merlin projects. Error messages from the Merlin assembler are fed back to the editor as much as possible.
  • Greatly expanded the ORCA/C desktop project template to support saving files, loading files, copy and paste, printing and message center. Internally, much of this is provided with a TextEdit control which provides a pretty full featured text editor. Note that the assembly desktop application project templates remain more basic.
  • All desktop project templates have at least one option GS-specific option in the Xcode interface. You can select 640×200 or 320×200 desktop resolution at project creation time. For an ORCA/C project, you can also enable or disable support for message center at project creation time. The aux type of the desktop application is set correctly for all project types based on message center support.
  • The build system now sends all intermediate files and end products to the “derived data” location which Xcode selects. By doing this, your project repository is not polluted with object files, binaries, etc. Also, this works with the latest Xcode better.
  • Updated the scripts which feed errors from ORCA/C and the resource compiler back to Xcode. This should work again in the latest versions of Xcode.
  • GSBug is now installed in the disk image to assist in your debugging.
  • You can optionally enable rlint (from Kelvin Sherlock) which will help detect resource problems at build time.
  • All templates now include a rVersion in the resources.

More information about the Apple //gs Build Pipeline

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