A2GSBuildPipeline version 3.0 released

Rand-Emonium Software has released version 3.0 of the Apple //gs build pipeline for Xcode.  The features added were created to aid in the development of BuGS.

Among the improvements in version 3.0 are:

  • Support for the mame emulator along side GSport and GSplus.
  • The build now creates a separate distribution disk image from the boot disk image. This makes it easier to go from a build directly to a image ready to ship to users.
  • The build creates a ShrinkIt archive of the distribution within the build. That way, you have both a disk image and a ShrinkIt archive of your application ready to ship.
  • Most error messages from the ORCA/M assembler are now visible right in the Xcode editor. In prior releases, error messages from ORCA/C or Merlin32 were parsed and now ORCA/M errors are supported also. This makes it easier to go from a problem in your code to exactly where that problem is in your editor.
  • The build can now create markdown files in your project and convert them into Teach text files in your distribution image. That way, you can write your documentation using modern tools and make that documentation available to modern machines while also turning that same documentation into a file that can be loaded on a real GS. This functionality comes thanks to the new md2teach shell command, which is also released today.

More information about the Apple //gs Build Pipeline

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