BuGS Score Board Updated

Rand-Emonium has updated the online high score website for the BuGS video game for the Apple IIGS. For players who have network connectivity in their Apple IIGS, the game will submit their high scores to the website. Previously, the website just listed the top scores.

With the updates, the top scores are still available but alongside that, there is now a leaderboard view. The top scores from each player are ranked so it is easy to see at a glance who is leading and who is challenging. And in both lists, each player has a link to a page with stats about that player. There, you can see their position on the high score list, on the leaderboard, their best, worst and average score and more.

Also, the infrastructure has been updated to support multiple games. Today, BuGS is the only game which is submitting scores but perhaps it will be possible to add this functionality to other GS titles.

Visit scores.rand-emonium.com to see the high scores and play BuGS to submit your own scores, aiming for the top spot.

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