A2Bejeweled Version 2.7 Released

Rand-Emonium Software is proud to announceĀ an update to the A2Bejeweled game for the Apple //e, //c, //c+ and //gs. A series of updates have been released over the last 12 months that have extended the game beyond that found in version 2.0 which shipped over four years ago:

Version 2.1 removed the requirement for a 65c02 processor making the game work on the unenhanced //e.

Version 2.2 could auto-detect a Mockingboard thanks to code re-used from the Total Replay project.

Version 2.3 addressed some bugs in the game that occurred on //c and //c+ machines.

Version 2.4 added auto-detection of the speech chip on a Mockingboard, again thanks to code from the Total Replay project.

Version 2.5 added a workaround for the buggy implementation of double lo-res on the Apple //e card for the Mac. The game should now work correctly on that platform.

Version 2.6 addressed a number of bugs in the Mockingboard code, especially with speech. When the game says “Excellent”, it now sounds more like the real word thanks to these fixes. This version was included in the incredible Total Replay 4.0 package.

Version 2.7 added the ability to configure the keys used to navigate the gems in the game. If you prefer something other than I-J-K-M and/or the arrow keys, you can now set it up with the keys you like best.

To get more information, watch a YouTube video of the game play, or get a link to the source code or a disk image of the game, visit the A2Bejeweled game page.

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