BuGS Status Update

Here is v0.9.1 of BuGS.  It addresses many of the issues from the previous build.  It also adds the ability to swap L/R channels in stereo if your stereo card is standard/non-standard.  It saves your setting across restarts of the game.  And it now keeps track of the top 10 high scores and you can enter your initials.  These should load across restarts also.  I am not aware of any crashing bug in this build but I also had seriously weird problems when I loaded it on my real GS.  There were weird graphics artifacts appearing, especially when a flea would drop near the middle of the screen.  I can’t reproduce it on an emulator yet though.  If you get graphics weirdness, I would appreciate a picture of the screen to see if it is the same as I was seeing.  There is a possibility the problem is somehow with my HW.

This also has the new icon thanks to @fatdog.

Note that the instructions says to press 2 for two player, however that isn’t implemented yet.  If you press 2, you get a single player game – for now…

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