Weekly BuGS Update

Just a short update and no video today because not much has changed since Wednesday when I posted the previous video.  I pushed pretty hard and churned out some buggy code for the video you saw so I spent some time yesterday tracking down some bugs and cleaning things up.  I also decided to remove the border colour performance monitor stuff.  I may re-add in the future (probably should make it build conditional actually).  Finally, I put in some code to update the high score if the game completes with a higher score than any previous in the session.  There is no persistence of high scores, nor is there a top 10 high score list.  What I actually want to do is save the high scores to a file locally but I hope to add some code using Marinetti to send high scores to a server and have a global high score list.  But I will have to ask you all kindly not to hack the high score list because it will be an insecure interface for sure.  That feature is at the bottom of the list though.

What is likely in store for me next week is some more bug fixing followed by implementing the “repair all of the damaged mushrooms after death and add some more points to the score”.

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