BuGS Weekly Update

I worked on the ability to shoot centipede segments.  I still just have keys on the keyboard tied to adding different bug types and shooting them.  It randomly picks a segment and shoots it.  The segment explodes and turns into a mushroom as in the real game.  When only one segment is left, it goes fast again like the real game.  This weeks video focuses on shooting bugs.  When a scorpion is shot, nothing special happens other than an explosion.  When a flea is shot, it goes faster until it is shot a second time and then it explodes.  And segments are seen being shot in the video.  This is again 2.8 MHz.  So that is the progress for this week.

I still want to make it easier to define what segments to add with what levels.  And now I could add the code to “play the game” except without any actual player.  I could proceed through levels and auto-shoot bugs using the keyboard with everything game-wise just happening as it would in the real game.  Then, I need to add the player, score, sound, etc.

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