A2BuildPipeline version 2.7 released

Rand-Emonium Software has released version 2.7 of the 8-bit Apple // build pipeline for Xcode.  The build pipeline still supports AppleSoft BASIC, Merlin assembly and cc65 based projects.  Version 2.7 addresses some problems that came with newer releases of Xcode:

  • The error messages from the compiler and assembler should now be visible in Xcode again. Also, support for sending error messages from Merlin back to Xcode has been added.
  • All build products are put into the standard Xcode directories and no longer pollute your workspace. This also fixes cleaning the project which stopped working with the latest Xcode releases.
  • The cc65 headers were not being found by Xcode which meant that auto-complete was not working for library routines. This should now be fixed.

Note that support for cc65 v2.13.3 has been removed. cc65 v2.17 is the only version which is supported in this release.

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