Wordle Solver

This is a classic desk accessory for the Apple IIgs which solves Wordle puzzles for you.  Rather than being the game, this can be used to solve the puzzle for you by telling you the best guesses (hopefully).

It will give you its first guess of a five letter word.  Then, you are prompted to indicate which letters are correct.  You do so by typing a character for each letter to indicate if it is correct or not:

  • If the letter is in the correct position, then use a ‘^’ character to inidicate that letter is right.
  • If the letter exists in the word somewhere else but is in the wrong position, use a ‘?’ character to indicate this.
  • If the letter does not exist in the word at all, use a ‘x’ or ‘X’ character to indicate this.

Note that if the letter appears multiple times in the solution, then it is possible to have multiple letters marked as correct or correct and in the wrong position.  If the guess has more letters of that type in it, then one should be marked as wrong.

Download a disk image

Download a SHK archive

Download the source code