Rand Hack Pack Volume 1 available now

The Rand Pack Volume 1 which contains all of the Apple // based software from Rand-Emonium is now available.  The package includes:

  • CurtaSim – A simulation of the classic mechanical calculator.
  • abCalcNDA – An RPN calculator new desk accessory for the Apple //gs
  • Apple2048 – The number sliding and matching game.
  • A2Sudoku – The classic number puzzle game.
  • A2Bejwld – The coloured gem matching game.
  • colourgo – The run, jump and match the colour of the floor game.

Copies on 5.25″ diskette with a manual in a stylish ziplock bag are available to attendees of KansasFest 2018.  For those unable to attend, you can download your own copy of the disk images and the documentation from the collections page.

A2BuildPipeline version 2.1 released

Rand-Emonium Software has released version 2.1 of the cc65-based Apple // build pipeline for Xcode.  Along-side the existing support for C and assembly based projects, you can now create Applesoft BASIC projects.  Edit your BASIC code in the Xcode editor which provides syntax highlighting and code completion for Applesoft tokens.  When you build and run your project, the BASIC code is tokenized, put onto a disk image and launched in the Virtual II emulator.

More information about the Apple // Build Pipeline